Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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What is a Bookworm?

A bookworm comes in two forms.  One is actually a kind of critter that eats various parts of books. You can read about them on Wikipedia.

The other kind are people devoted to reading. They can often be identified by their library card(s). Bookworms tend to be incredibly intelligent, interesting, and attractive people.

What is a "Rabid" Bookworm?

In the case of the former (above) it is a crawling, wiggly life form with clinical aggression and a drooling problem.

The other kind is identical to the latter described above, except they can not only be identified by their library card(s) but also their maxed-out credit cards and self-imposed book-buying bans.  None of these affect their intelligence, interest, or attractiveness.

What is BookTube?

The result of a Rabid Bookworm with video equipment and a YouTube account.