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Sam is Rabid About...

I write fantasy and horror. My wife occasionally reads it. Guaranteed fan, right?  Eh, maybe. At least her critiques are honest, which usually run along the lines of "You're just a whole bucket of weird, aren't you?"

Love books, movies, chainmail armor, Photoshop, and Sherlock Holmes. Doctor Who. Star Wars and Star Trek.

What I write is not humor, but I hope to make you laugh every once in a while--and maybe sleep with the light on for a couple of months.

A Worm-Ridden Past

In 1974, when I was three, my family moved from Kansas City to the Ozarks of southern Missouri.

The Mark Twain National Forest bordered our 100-acre farm that grew maples, strawberries, and snakes.  (The snakes outnumbered the other two by about 17 to 1.)  Growing up, I often carried my pet chicken under my arm, because all chickens love tricycle rides.  At 15, I moved with my parents to a small mining town in Oklahoma.  It is now a massively polluted ghost town. What the government has not hauled away, tornadoes erased. I have lived in the general area since.

My wife and I met at Wal-Mart.  She told me my watch was ugly.  I proposed to her a week later.

My son is awesome. I taught him to play Magic: The Gathering, and I have NEVER won a game against him.

I've been a lone night clerk at a convenience store, a janitor, a nursing tech at a mental health facility, a consignment auction lackey, furniture assembler, graphic designer, retail department manager, unpaid farmhand, and a ditch digger for a septic tank company.

After college, I worked six years for a Native American casino as both the IT manager and director of marketing (yes, at the same time--but I'm not bitter).  After that, for a couple of years, I returned to my alma mater, but this time to write programs, maintain databases, and threaten to chuck troublesome servers out a third-story window. (The same went for troublesome coworkers.) They fed me cookies and asked only that I stop submitting uniform requests with the word "Staff" scratched out and replaced with "Minion."

Next Step...

This is almost the last time I am going to mention this. Have you heard about my YouTube channel?  I promise that it is family friendly and that there are virtually no misspelled words.  (Get it? They are videos.  Misspelled . . . ?  Okay, it's probably better you don't laugh. It just encourages me.)

Oh, and click that button to the right. I triple dog dare you!