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I post book reviews, book hauls, unboxings, vlogs, drawing and painting videos, and writing tutorials. The pros warn against having so many subjects on one channel, but I believe everyone is multidimensional and should celebrate it. Just click the YouTube link below.

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Please--under no circumstances--click the link below. Here there be books! Nothing but books and pictures of books and words about books. . . .  Okay, just kidding about the not-clicking part. This page contains written reviews not found on my YouTube channel, as well as links to videos.

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My name is Sam Reeves, and this is how I spend my time.


Part of the time, what you will see here are fantasy, science fiction, and horror novel reviews.  I like YA but also adult novels; new and hot books as well as classics of the genre.  I also enjoy writing, so I might throw in the occasional nonfiction book from my research, if I find it particularly interesting.  Probably some how-to writing books as well, if I have applied their wisdom and they have affected my writing in some way.

I also draw and paint.  My primary media are graphite and Photoshop. Some comments on my work:

Wow (anonymous)

Hm, that's kinda purdy. (My mom.)

What izzit? (My son.)

Did you trace that? (former classmate)

I don't like it because it looks like a freakin' x-ray. (former boss)

Now that's awesome! It's awesome in a no-bake-cookie sort of way, but it's still awesome! (former supervisor)


I hope you find the content herein of use. And maybe find yourself smiling occasionally, because everybody needs that.


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