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I post book reviews, book hauls, unboxings, and even videos about items reading related but not necessarily books.  Keep watching for those.  No spoilers.  Just click the YouTube link below.

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Please--under no circumstances--click the link below. Here there be books! Nothing but books and pictures of books and words about books and worm-ridden thoughts about books. I'm pretty sure landing on this page causes disruptions of the quantum universe resulting in widespread wormholes and a mild case of diarrhea.

Worm Your Way to My Book Blog

My name is Sam Reeves, and this is The Rabid Bookworm.

I know some might find the name of my YouTube channel and blog offensive, specifically the word Bookworm.  I hope not though.  I don't mean it in a shaming way.  When I was a middle schooler, just before going to sleep one night, I thought, "I want to be a bookworm." And THAT is what triggered my entry into the reading world. I am eternally grateful to have followed this path.

Why "Rabid" Bookworm?  Well, that is a joke between my best friend, Yancy Caruthers, and me.  To date, he and I have been like brothers for 39 years.  (Yancy is an author now, by the way.)  Anyway, there used to be a local annual book sale that drew droves of readers from all around. And it's no wonder. Shoppers could each leave with a trunk full of books for less than $20.  On occasion, a small fraction of the attendees might have been overly enthusiastic in their book hunting.  There were no fights, no one ever shouted, nothing like that.  We are bookworms.  We are calm, intelligent, . . . and far more insidious than that.

Anyway, Yancy and I started calling it The Rabid Bookworm Festival.  We loved the whole experience every year.

Mostly what you are going to see here will be fantasy, science fiction, and horror novel reviews.  I like YA but also adult novels; new and hot books as well as classics of the genre.  I also enjoy writing, so I might throw in the occasional nonfiction book from my research, if I find it particularly interesting.  Probably some how-to writing books as well, if I have applied their wisdom and they have affected my writing in some way.

I hope you find the content herein of use. And maybe find yourself smiling occasionally, because everybody needs that.


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